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From: Steam Train
Subject: Exposed Story 3Exposed
By Steam Train (
`A series of unrelated short stories capturing the
humiliation and embarrassment suffered by the stories
character when their late or early development is
exposed upon being made naked in public'.
Story Three
14 year old Anthony Gunning was one of those annoying
guys who hung about a number of groups at school, negras folladas lolitas extreme a
fringe dweller who was never really a true member of
any group. He was short for his age, about 5' 3"
inches tall. Some guys in our grade even called him
`shrimp' as a nick name. He had short light brown hair
which almost bordered on dirty blonde and was of a
slight build.He was annoying because he liked to play tricks on
people. Over the course of time at our school he had
managed to piss off a good number of guys and chicks
and many of these would say he deserved everything he
got when he lolitas young nn xxx
was pantsed at school.Nick had bought some duct tape to school and when we
suggested it would be fun to tape Anthony to a red
support pole outside the boy's toilet block and see if
he could escape he was fine with us doing that. I
don't know for sure why he agreed to let us do it, but
I suspect Anthony was pretty keen on keeping in with
my group of friends as much as possible, so that may
be why he agreed.As I said, Anthony willingly let us duck tape him to
the pole. He placed his black school backpack on the
ground next to the pole and allowed Nick to take his
arms and place them around the pole before Nick
wrapped the tape securely round and round his wrists
leaving Anthony with the red pole firmly placed in
between his body and his tied up hands.Our group stood around him and I had just begun
filming a close up of his, wrists duct taped with my
cell phone when Sam who was behind Anthony came up to
him from behind and pantsed him. In the process Sam
almost got his boxers as well!Our school has a boy's uniform of a light blue polo
top with dark blue collar and black pants. Anthony was
wearing his outfit along with joggers as he stood
there taped to the pole. His pants were now down
around his ankles and his dark blue and white pattered
silk boxers were hanging precariously. At the back his
butt was partially exposed and the waist band was down
over his right thigh. The only thing that saved him
from being totally panted and naked down below was
that the left hand side of his boxers still clung
around his waist. His polo gave him a modicum of
privacy as it covered down over his groin area and
part of his buttocks.I immediately burst out laughing when Anthony's
pantsing occurred and backed away from him. He
immediately blushed with shame and at the same time a
look of panic spread across his face."Ohhhhhh he cried out the instant it happened and he
franticly slid his bound wrists up and down the pole
in an attempt to reach is pants and pull them up. He
very soon realised this was not possible, bound the
way he was, so he crouched his body in an attempt to
conceal his partially exposed lower body a little more
and at the same time bought his tied wrists up to his
mouth in an attempt to bite through the tape and
release his hands so he could pull, up his boxers and
pants.Anthony blushed profusely as he did this whilst all of
us guys laughed our heads off at his predicament.For twenty seconds Anthony struggled franticly as he
tried to free his hands but with little or no success,
calling out "fuck" a number of times when his efforts
came to nothing and he was unable to free himself and
cover up.Sam who had done the initial pantsing moved over to
Anthony again and said, "That was awesome but I
suppose I had better help you get your pants back up."`Thanks" Anthony replied looking relieved that a
modicum of modesty was going to negras folladas lolitas extreme be restored for himSam went back around behind Anthony but instead of
pulling top kds lol bbs up his half sagging boxers and pants which
were crumpled around his ankles, Sam tugged on the
legs of Anthony's boxers and lowered them complexly to
the level of his pants, then grabbed the bottom of his
polo shirt and pulled it up from behind, lifting it up
and over his head and pulling it down over his hands
till it was covering his arms just before the pole."Nooooooo' Anthony cried out, but there was little he
could do about it. He was still helplessly tied around
the pole. All he could do was bend over as much as
possible trying to hide his now totally exposed groin
between the top of his legs and his lower stomach. His
hands were unable to cover anything, tied up as they
were on the other side of the pole.Anthony's efforts at preserving his modesty were not
enough though and we all got a good look at his naked
genitals.Anthony's most private secrets had now become all too
public thanks to Sam's efforts. As I said Anthony was
on the small size and put simply his genital were also
on the small size, in fact the very small size. At
first when he was totally pantsed and his shirt lifted
to expose his groin Anthony's uncircumcised penis was
flaccid with no visible shaft, only a little knob
formed by his foreskin when it stretched over the head
of his penis and then tapered to a fleshy point that
hung off the tip.As Anthony realised that everyone could see his secret
shame despite his frantic efforts to bend over and
cover up, his penis began to erect very quickly in a
series of throbbing jerks and soon his slender shaft
was fully erect with a very slight upward curve
attaining only 2 inches in all of it's glory.
Anthony's tiny scrotum with its marble sized testicles
was pulled tightly up against his crotch. To make
matters worse, Anthony's pubic area was hairless, not
even a trace of peach fuzz dusted his groin.It was not wise to leave Anthony exposed out in the
school grounds like this. If a teacher caught us we
could have been in big trouble so this time at my
urging, Sam did pull Anthony's boxers and pants back
up and pulled his polo shirt back over his head before
Nick cut away the duct tape and Anthony was freed.Some of the guys who were friendlier with Anthony
called him `Ants' and after his pantsing Nick began
calling him `Ants-Pants' and that preteen nude lolita galleries name has stuck. I am
sure that every time that name is used Anthony must
wince at the feelings of humiliation and embarrassment
he suffered that day when his most private secrets
were exposed!
The End
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